Our Aircraft

We have a modern fleet of helicopters that meet the requirements for our varied services. Our aircraft are maintained to a very high standard for safe and efficient operations, conducted by our highly experienced pilots and staff. If your lifting requirements exceed the lifting capabilities of the R66 and R44, Heliworx can source an aircraft to meet your requirements.

Robinson R66

  • Lifting capability 500 kg
  • Endurance 2.5 hours
  • Cruise speed 120 knots

Robinson R44

  • Lifting capability 363 kg
  • Endurance 2.5 hours
  • Cruise speed 120 knots

Loader for Unloading Hives

Loader with forks and bucket for bee hive work or loading fertiliser.

  • Lifting weight 1.3 tonne
  • Can be moved by ute and trailer with a 3.5 tonne towing capacity
  • Fully enclosed cab
  • Modern, reliable, all terrain, pivot steer

Our company has utilised the services of Heliworx Aotearoa for the past two seasons. Their well organised and highly experienced team makes them very easy to work with. This, coupled with their tidy and well maintained equipment results in an efficient, seamless and very professional service.


James Annabel, Managing Director – Egmont Honey

GPS Technology

We use our helicopters to survey your Manuka block. Once the most suitable sites have been identified, Heliworx uses GPS technology to create block boundaries and pinpoint exact site locations. These can then be downloaded to a Google Earth file for easy identification and location.





Manuka Block Assessments

Hive Site Development

Placement and Removal of Hives

Mid-season Checks