Heliworx Aotearoa Services

Heliworx is dedicated to providing a comprehensive service to the Manuka Honey industry, allowing you to focus on the preparation of your hives. Our experienced and professional team assist our clients to maximise both the volume and activity of the Manuka Honey they produce.

Manuka Block Assessments

Heliworx has an experienced team that can undertake detailed assessments of your Manuka resource. The team will assist you to identify the most productive hive sites that will maximise the activity of the honey you produce. We will provide you with details around the full potential of your block including hive sites and hive numbers.


Hive Site Development

If required our team can undertake the development of hive sites for you in areas where no natural sites exist. From our experience this can be very valuable in remote, hard to access blocks as it allows sites to be developed right in the heart of your Manuka resource and in the most sheltered, warmest areas possible.


We can take care of transportation of your hives from your designated pick up spot and deliver them to the launch site.


Unloading of Hives

Our experienced team can unload your hives and prepare them for helicopter placement.

Helicopter Placement and Removal of Hives

Our experienced team of pilots and modern aircraft can ensure your hives are placed and removed with precision and in the most efficient way possible.


Mid-season Checks

We can assist you with completing a mid-season check of your hives and flying in additional honey boxes if required to ensure you maximise on production in a good season.

Human Sling

Our pilots are CAA certified to undertake human sling operations, allowing us to assist you in accessing some of the most remote backcountry Manuka resource where there are hive sites but no suitable area to land a helicopter. Our human sling capability also comes in very handy with our hive site development work.

Their professionalism, planning, communications, safety procedures and flexibility to adapt to constantly changing situations to get the job done has been second to none.


Les Stowell, Former GM – Taku Honey Limited